Methley Village

Welcome to the Methley Village web site  -  Having reached this point, I reckon that you must be interested in the village, its features, its past  and its characters.
Methley is an agricultural and former mining village in West Yorkshire about 10 miles south of Leeds, and lies in the inner sector of the confluence of the rivers Aire and Calder.
That’s for those of  you  that don’t know the place.   For those of you who know the site and are trying to keep awake please look on this page for updates.
Expatriates, their issue and other site admirers from Lviv to London and Rio to Ripon  enjoy looking up the place, along with new and potential residents who also appear to appreciate the site including these snapshots on the front page.
Bill Thackray - Editor           

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DDLou Beever at the Donkey Bridge



In the History section fascinating articles about the Lords of the Manor  and   Enclosure Act 1773

In our waterways section a photo record of the new canal construction on the River Aire.

Here we illustrate industrial and agricultural activity in Methley including aspects of Savile Pit



Dto Pit Lane2




DAfter Evensong


DNewmarket Lanes

It will also include profiles of Methley characters both past and present and a link to the Minett Photo Collection

This section will include  social amenities in the Methley area including walks and footpaths along with a developing Gallery 

Your contributions to the web magazine are most welcome.
See also Visitors Book and Family History Section

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Hon. Editor - Bill Thackray, formerly of Methley, went to Castleford Grammar School from Mickletown School and achieved, along with modest O level passes a Grade 1 in handball fives.  An extensive career in administration with British Coal included 12 years at Savile Colliery.
Family and leisure pursuits helped maintain a continuous association with this village.   The seed to commence the web site was germinated following a request by Alma Townend in the Livewire Magazine for contributions.  Collaboration with Mr. Allan Raphael, a later work colleague at Nat West was absolutely vital to create these squares, words, pictures and movements that you see.  The layout was conceived in the early months of 2000 and the site went out on the 1st of July that year. 
The site was re-sized in January 2009 incorporating bigger photo reproductions and some amendments to text and was published on the 1st February. 

On the 1st July, 2016 the published site entered it’s 17th year.

In the developing years of the web site I have avoided reference to numbers of visitors and ‘hits’ to the site, relying on responses and requests for information through the feedback page to interpret the popularity of the  site.     

However a review of web statistics in 2008 indicated that a total of 29300 visitors had been attracted to the site at an average of 80 per day, which at the time seemed pretty good.  (Should the visitor connect more than once in a day it is only counted once, and then providing more than one page is accessed).  Viewing figures for the following years were 42400 in 2009, 51800 in 2010,  69900 in 2011, 94250 in 2012, 94430 in 2013, 112,120 in 2014 and 109,900 in 2015 giving an average of 301 visitors per day.   

     The statistics also reveal that along with expected visitors from commonwealth favourites, there were surprisingly numerous viewers from other countries including :-  Brazil, Sweden, Korea, Finland, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Uruguay, Japan, Russia, China, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, France, Spain, India, Malaysia, Algeria, Israel,  Argentina,  Mexico, Italy, Iceland, Portugal, Hungary, USA, Taiwan, Colombia, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, South Africa, Ukraine, Greece, Singapore, Cyprus, The Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Moldova, Slovakia, Thailand,  Estonia, Gibraltar,        Denmark,  The Phillipines, Uzbekistan, Western Samoa, Oman, Botswana, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Malta, Senegal, Latvia, Christmas Island, Nigeria, Namibia and now Pakistan.     I don’t know if any of these are Anglos/Brits living abroad but they are most certainly welcome. I have in the past invited contributions from surfers near and FAR which I continue to repeat.                Search it,  navigate using the back arrow now.