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Some of the visitors who have made contact through the Feedback page

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  ** Denotes issue of Expat






Steve Clegg 


Steve was the first reader to make contact.


Les Austin

Richards Bay SA

Les enjoys the site - he also enjoys the Winter temps in South Africa. Has since moved back to the UK and now commutes between SA &UK.


Tom Lee

Grand Rapids USA

Tom likes the site - he likes Yorkshire so much he purchased the Lordship of Stanbury near Howarth (a former de Lacy holding) He owns mountain property in Montana containing elk, moose, grizzlies and many other wild animals that survive at 8,000 ft above sea level.  Tom says when it snows in Montana - it snows


 Wilf  Lightowler 


Wilf sent some school photos. Met him at the Gym - NO!   I was just picking up. Sad to read of Wilf’s passing Dec 14


 Barry Robbins


 A constant source of information and a welcome contributor to the site on  all matters especially information re. Methley Hall and the  Lords of the Manor. Sadly I now learn that Barry is out of circulation having placed himself in a nursing home. (12/13)


Terry Foster


Put Terry in touch with his old mate Brian Townend who    now lives in North Wales. Sadly we learned Terry died later


Kevin Lane


 His ancestors the Shuttleworths left 200 years ago -  family connections were with the Denisons and Wilsons of Castleford. (see Family History)


David Wright


Directed Dave to Ron Woofinden’s book on cricket   re Grandfather Alma Wright (Alma’s in-laws, the Hornes, kept the United Kingdom  and the Mexborough Arms).


Barbara Hermsmeyer

Portland USA

Barbara is a descendant of Edward Shippen.


Andrew Moody


Recently moved into Methley - Hasn’t got fed up yet


Martyn Ferguson


Mart was a former colleague at British Coal.

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Jane Berry


Jane’s g grandfather (Tom Parker) had grocers shop in the village c1880.


John Sigsworth


Old workmate from Savile.  John provided an old movie film of  Savile Pit for the site.   


Will Illingworth

North Lincolnshire

Will left the village in 1956, his family have a long history with Woodrow and Methley Hall. Sadly I learn Will died Feb 2009


Mick Braddock

The Orkneys

The island of Graemsay is his home now. Mick has provided a number of photos of his family at Low Common.


Anthony Eden

South of Watford

Anthony wanted information re Bowers Row pit. his grandfather told him that a chap called Wallace Arnold used a charabanc to take them to work at Bowers Row pit. 


Ian Holmes


Ian and wife have searched the churchyard in their quest to find information re the Leakes, Websters and Pickersgills. Wonder if he is any relation to farmer John Holmes,  Holmes Yard and Chapel?


Gary Woodhouse


Working on his family tree, Gary and Marilyn sent an excellent school photo c1880 which included Gertie Shillito.


Clive Blenkinsop


Clive is looking for information re the Braimes of Methley for his family history.  He didn’t say where he hailed from.


Chris Hinchliffe

Sherburn in Elmet

Formerly of Allerton Bywater, Chris is a grandson of  Jim and Edna Beilby. He recommends  


Peter Smith


                                              AGDLedston Halllias Fuschia - Peter reminded me that Ledston Hall, Oulton Hall and Temple Newsam would have been  visible from Savile headgear.   As indeed the first two were, although I am not too sure about Temple Newsam.

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Lance Long

Orlando USA

The Longbottoms lived at the end of Church Lane  now Little Church Lane. Lance visited Methley to see where his 2xGreat Grandfather lived the sister of whom married into the Parrott family.  


Sharon Casey


Sharon’s 5 x Great Grandfather Rev J Briggs was Rector from 1781 to 1804.  Photos on the site including the old rectory gave Sharon some idea of what the village would have been like for her antecedent.


Gill Briscoe


 Gill advises me that Methley is part of the Pontefract Family History Society’s area, see their website on our links page.


Sally Shell

Washington State USA

Sally’s Grandfather’s occupation on her Mother’s birth cert. is ‘coal hewer’ living at Coney Moor, in 1921. I was able to tell her where it is.


Ian Sutton


Ian wanted to know what colours Meth Utd played in to consider gear for the new junior team.




Just moved into the new Taywood development  wanted to know about  the St. Oswalds web site and who to contact re Livewire magazine. He must surely have a surname!


Dean Bradley


Recently moved into Low Common and wanted information . Don’t know where Dean hails from


Elspeth Flood


Elspeth is another descendant of Edward Shippen and was able to provide me with additional inf.    She has distant relatives in Yorkshire she also has a penchant for ‘real ale’. Don’t we all Elspeth.


Dorothy Brown

Perth Australia

Dorothy remembers pea pulling in Methley before the war. She was Ex Leeds tracing theTaylor and Wright families.


Olga Lockley

Preston,  Lancashire

 Researching her family tree - Olga found helpful inf. in Jim Melvin’s book  (James Wood 11 Front Row) amongst other things.

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Debbie Cunnew


 Debbie’s ancestors were Thos Dawson Lumb, Curate of Methley who was drowned in the Aire at Swillington bridge in 1843.   Also Geo Denison Lumb, co-author of ‘The History of Methley’ - his Mother was a Denison.


Steve Pick

Dallas USA

Steve was indirectly related to Jesse Foster (nee Travis)   Steve reckons a correspondent in the States is one of the Braimes of Methley.


David Bucktrout


His Grandfather Ernest worked at Savile.   His maternal        Grandfather Joseph Harrison Ward kept the Low End Club


Peter Watson


Barry Robbins was able to answer Peter’s query on the Savile family.  Both his parents were descendants of the Savile family.  So keen is he that his children are second named Savile. (Don’t know what Jimmy Gee would think of that).  Peter lived in the Dales for 9 years before moving south


Lea Taylor


 Recently moved into Watergate from Swillington.




They moved to Methley in order to commute to Doncaster  - good luck with that Craig 


Andrew Dawrant


Andrews ancestors the Worfolk family, lived in Methley in the 18th century were described as yeoman  farmers.  They progressed to  become carpenters then shipbuilders and migrated along the canal network.  Andrew would be interested in supporting any effort to transcribe the manor books held in the Sheepscar repository.


Teresa Farthing

Rugby/Bishop Auckland

 Teresa and fiancee are in the process of moving into the village.  She kindly says that the site gives the impression that the people of Methley  care about their community.  Most of ‘em do Teresa.   Did they get there?


Keith Schumm


An old rugby team mate, Keith has lived for the last 30 years in Scotland. Must have been searching for Cas RUFC Mind them thistles Keith.  I have to report the disappointment that Keith went to meet his maker in 2013.


Ron Lewis


Born and brought up in Methley, Ron was my boss and Manager at Savile Colliery.   See Characters


Gary Marsh

Cairns Australia

Garry lives 1 hours drive inland from Cairns, he has lived at Bond House and the farmhouse near the old Rectory.   He says he would like more pics of  Methley on the site - he also sends regards to Keith Lockett      Hoping to make a visit in the near future. 

Page 5


Jacqui Stones


Her Great Grandfather was James Arthur Wright, she reports her father was baptised at St Oswald’s by the Bishop of Knaresborough. Jacqui’s  Grandmother’s class photo is on the school page.         


Nita Knapp


Anita is compiling information on the de Welles  baronial family (see Lords of the Manor). She informs me that Lionel Lord Welles was in  Rouen in 1431 and witnessed the death of Joan of Arc. 


Nick Pye


Nick asked for any information on the Clayborough family - duly supplied thanks to Don Beilby.


Terry Kilburn


Searching for inf. on his ancestor Thos Kilburn  c 1814


Joan Cambage

Boroughbridge Yorks

Formerly Joan Craven, Joan’s Grandmother was the postmistress Mrs Whittington.    Joan was able to fill in missing names on her school photo.


Lynne Paterson


Lynne’s Grandparents were the Micklefields of Taylor Grove.


Nancy Mclaughlin

Christchurch NZ

Nancy’s antecedents the Ortons of Kirby Stephen  were related to the Saviles. You can look at her family history from here           


Maureen Firth

Brisbane Australia

 Maureen is searching for inf. on Firths of Kippax and Methley. Thos Firth born 1834 Kippax later moved to Methley.  Of 6 children George  married Annie Bainbridge and they had 4 - Harold, George,Frank and Hilda


Eric Ward


His grandfather started work at Foxholes pit aged 12.


Shiela Vine

BFPO Germany

Shiela is trying to complete the family tree. Her Grandmother was  Charlotte Elizabeth Wright who married Wm Hutton. Her ggrandmother was Florence Wright who ran a shop from the front room near the Queen public house


Bruce Wilkins


Bruce visited his relatives Walter & Nellie Minett in c1988.  His mother, formerly Margaret Hough was lucky enough to be in the same school  class as me!   


George Southern


His family were barge skippers and owners going back to the 1880’s when they lived in the Castleford area.  George enjoyed helping his father work the horse drawn barges during school holidays.

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Murray Charlesworth

Wellington NZ

Murray would welcome any contact from Methley  Charlesworths - the  family had farms in Lower Mickletown


Amber de Jong

Alberta Canada

Amber’s family emigrated in 1879 - they were the Roden family with  Spencer and Corbett connections.


Diane Sugden


Brought up on the Hollings Diane thought at one stage (Wheeler) that she and I  may be related through the Firths including Maureen Firth in Australia - they are  now proved to be related.


Helen Glass (Warr)

Houston USA

Helen’s Grandmother played the organ at St Margarets, she was a friend of Gina Arratoon. She also says she enjoyed Bonfire Nights -didn’t we all Helen.


Myra Davey

Victoria BC

After making enquiries about her husbands family the Crewes, Myra  intends to visit the village to see where they lived and are buried.(Nov 2003).  I was able to tell her that the Crewe families came up from  Gloucestershire c1870’s to work in the new coal mines.


Marnie Regelbrugge

Chicago USA

Searching for inf. on the Hollings family, I was able to advise on some of  the dedications in St Oswalds  I remembered the last one who lived in Bond House.


Mike Howell


Mike wanted to know the whereabouts of Fieldhead where Mary E Sawyer was brought up.


Andrew Ashfield


Three years ago I was unable to assist Andrew in his  search for inf. on Emma Roberts, poet and writer on India. I have since confirmed that the Roberts’ lived at Woodhall Manor House from at least 1677   


Barbara Chew

Garstang Lancs

Formerly of Mill Lane, Barbara has many happy memories of Methley including the Hewitts and Arundels.


Malcolm Jacques

Auckland NZ

Aucklanders Malcolm and Joan posted on photos of Mickletown  school  - I well remember Malcolm who was always outstanding at  sports, he was also a good neighbour to my Aunt Edna.


Josie Limbert


Josie was tickled pink to see photos with herself and dad Rupert (Allen) in the competitions. She regularly visited her Aunt Mary in St Margarets.    

Page 7


Andrea Morton


Andrea’s ancestors are the Worfolks, arranging for Andrew Dawrant to make contact


J Stith

Kentucky USA

John Medley a descendant of Wm de Methley, Lord of the Manor was  the immigrant ancestor from Elland  Yorks to Maryland in 1635. He witnessed Ingle’s Rebellion and was robbed of 1200 lbs of tobacco. The Kentuckians are very complimentary about the  site - I’m very  pleased they made the communication.   


Chris Whitehead


 Chris says he would like to see more appertaining to  younger generation  of the village - will try to do that Chris.


Ron Stallard

Nova Scotia

 Ron is a descendant of the Clayton family, I was able to provide him (Canada)  with some inf.  In turn Ron provided me with valuable information re  WW1.


Jennifer (Sutcliffe) Christensson

Gothenburg Sweden

Thrilled to recognise faces on the school page, she still misses ‘doing a  bit of shopping in Castleford’!


David Neale


David was a relative of Walter Minett corresponding with Walter and Nellie before their deaths.


Roy Kaye


Meeting Roy at the end of term Open Day at School in July ‘04 was a  real boon.   Roy was later able to correspond giving me long awaited inf. on Alfred Parker (1929).   Roy was also able to provide inf. for Judith Parker in Sydney, Australia (see F History). Wonder if between them  they could prove my uncle Albert Kaye is related - why we could all be cousins! 


Stuart Baird

Beeston Notts

Fomerly worked for P & Cas Express  reminiscence about his family the Micklefields can be found here from time to time.


Cliff Marsh

Perth Australia

Cliff sent photos and background inf. of the Savile Transport Co. of  Methley.  I will display these and send copies on to the heritage group.


Alan Taylor

Adelaide Australia

Alan and  Pam are descendants of the Rayner/Burnley family who were mineowners at Methley Junction.  They were pleased to get photos of  the headstone and memorial church window. He promised to buy me a pint for that!


Howard Benson


 Howard is looking for inf. on Water Haigh pit and Woodlesford station - good luck with that Howard.  His production of the Woodlesford Station website contains many references to this village.

Page 8


Helen Wood


Helen is a descendant of the Lumb family (Curate)   and was interested to read the story about Swillington Bridge. She is keen to learn more of   the incident. 


Richard Barker


Blowing his own trumpet about the qualities of the Yorkshire Imps Brass Band. They practice in the British Legion Club (Oompah)   Keep it up Richard. 


Brian Wilson


Brian was pleased to read comment from Helen Glass in Houston (see page 6) - the organist was Brian’s Mother  and with a bit of luck the two of them will correspond like a number of people who read this electronic  rag. 


Vernon Hendrix

Atlanta USA

Vernon is part of the extended Shippen family.  He writes ‘please relate to the good people of Methley how proud we are of those souls who braved the uncharted ocean in sailing vessels to step ashore into an unknown domain’  and much more.


Peter Wood

Isle of Man

Peter wanted information about John Holmes of  Methley (1877).  It  would appear JH was an ardent collector of antiques along with interest in politics and a social worker. This inf. was abstracted from the Minett  Collection on the Links page. -  if you can add to that please contact Peter at    


Ian Blacker


Formerly of Church Lane - sent Ian a photo of himself as an angelic 3 year old.  Don’t you believe it.


Pamela Crowe

Chapel Allerton

Having moved into ‘The Methleys Leeds’ Pamela is interested to know (Leeds) more about Methley Hall.


Andy Richardson


 Andy offered assistance with the web site.  Andy is related to just about everybody in Methley.


Margaret Wilkins


Formerly Margaret Hough of this burgh likes to connect to the Minett collection on the location. Nice to hear from Margaret - a former classmate.


Sally Hicks


 Sally’s grandparents were the doctors Dennis. Sally sent an old photo of  the rectory, she added that her mother, Elizabeth held fond memories of Methley. 


Howard Cheesbrough


Grandfather and Gmother Ada (Groves) left Methley  in 1906 to work in the Derbyshire coal mines. Howard is trying to determine a date when a great aunt was drowned at Lemonroyd locks (after 1891). 

Page 9


Emma Child


 Emma made contact re her research into local history for her school project.


Michaela Jepson


Enquired about possible ghostly undertakings in the Station Road area - could only be cries of agony following closure of the United Kingdom.


Roger Hopkin

Middlestown Wakefield

Roger was able to provide invaluable information re. Methley Perceverance football team.


Michael O’Donnell


Sec. of the Wakefield Civic Society made plans to visit St. Oswald’s


Steve O’Neill


Enquiries about the fishing club.


Roger Whincup


      Ditto              Ditto


Peter Holland


Originally from Holland Peter started work at Savile   earned the nickname ‘Dutch’ and married a Methley girl Karen Arnett before spiriting her off to Canada.     


James Lillie


Along with Emma, James is just moving into Woodrow.  They would like to tackle some of the walks.   Wonder where they come from?


Carol Dalziel


Carole mails to say that she is the missing name on (Wright)  one of the  school photos. She adds that her siblings are spread from France, Ireland and Manchester. her dad was Harry ‘Flash’ Wright and her Grandad was ‘Post’ Wright former Overman at Savile Pit - He would  have been proud to see the Mining Memorial.   


Elizabeth Charnock


Very sorry to read of the demise of the Bay Horse, wern’t we all Elizabeth.


Laurie Thompson

Melbourne Australia

Laurie’s ancestors are the Pickersgills c1838 in Methley. Laurie had a number of questions re St Oswald’s which I was able to throw some light on.

Page 10


Charles Potts


Amazed at the changes that have taken place since 1942!!!  Now back in touch with old aquaintances


Craig Shillito


Craig’s father Mike is featured on the site a number of times


Yvonne Sandbrook


Yvonne had never heard of Methley until research for her GGGGrandad David Chatburn who became a master boat builder near Rochdale.


Rebecca Cook


Seeking information re the Kaye connection 


Mike Harwood


Seeking information re past Rectors - done 01/08


Val Stephenson


Val was wanting inf. re Richard Bailes who was killed during the war. She was surprised to learn that he was my uncle by marriage. 


Alan Hodgson

Birstall  (06/08)

Alan sent details of Methley Perceverance FC cup results


Diane Eagles

Woodlesford (07/08)

Diane was pleased to find her grandfathers house on the Commanet connection.


Barry & Christine Shillito

Bridlington (11/08)

They like looking at photos of the village and in return have sent photos of the school and their Methley families which will be published.


Michelle Parkinson

Methley   (01/09)

New to the village - Michelle likes the way people respond to herself, husband Alan and the Russells


Chris Keast

Perranporth (02/09)

Chris and Jayne made contact following the death of old mate Jack Wright formerly of Oaksfield.  I couldn’t believe the trouble they went to to package and identify documents and photos of Jack’s family.  These will go on to their rightful repositories including the Methley archive group. The two cornishmen have taken on Jack’s pair of donkeys - bless ‘em.

Page 11


Neil Clayton

London formerly
Mexborough (04/09)

Neil can trace his Clayton family connection back to 1617 in Methley - He intends to visit sometime in 2009


Stephen Medley

Queensland Australia

Stephen would like to see the sights experienced by his forbears - I’m sure he will.  In the meantime Steve, keep looking here.  I would like to see the Gold Coast, not sure I’ll make it though.


Peter Sanderson

Pretoria SA  (07/09)

Peter’s Grandad and Uncle were Archie and Ralph  Wright who both worked at Savile Pit - he was surprised to learn that I knew them both.   Its some 30 years since he last enjoyed a pint pulled by Derek in the Commercial.


Peter Methley

Eindhoven Holland (08/09)

Peter was hoping to find details of a window dedicated to his family name in St Oswalds.  I was able to locate the presence of a painting donated to the church in the 1990’s by an artist called Robert Medley


Bobby Beards

Methley (09/09)

Now of Newmarket Lane after 20 years in Spain, Bobby enjoys looking at the site and the Minett pictures on the Bomfi site.  He also remembers with affection the Jingo Nick where he was born.  We were in the same class at school and worked at Savile pit at the same time.


Jane Lovato

Italy  (09/09)

Jane wrote what a beautiful and nostalgic surprise when she found the village site.   Jane sends her compliments to all who knew her before going to live in Italy in 1982 - she well remembers the Junior School and the Chapel.   She also remembers me, and so she should, she is a second cousin. Her daughter is second named Edna after her great grandmother and my aunt - Edna Kaye.


Andy Turner

Bromsgrove (10/09)

Andy was asking about the Turners who migrated to Methley From Darlaston to work in the Pits.   Aimed him at Jim Melvin’s book Methley 2000 which will certainly show him where Low Row was.


Eddie Robinson

London    (10/09)

Eddie is yet another descendant of the Dawson-Lumb family.   Have put him in touch with the other correspondents and at the moment further information is being made available from a source via the USA. 


Patricia Dyson

Burnley     (12/09)

Patricia was trying to find out about the Rev Eltoft who died having been thrown by his horse in 1795 travelling from Pontefract to Methley Park - couldn’t help her - can you?


Mart Rogers

Methley   (01/10)

Mart was supplied with brief information regarding realignment of the river and previous flooding.  Told him that if he bought me a pint more information could be made available.   Still waiting Mart


Pamela Carr

Methley ex Garforth

Strange goings on in the vicinity of the former Kingdom reports Pamela.  Michaela Jepson also reported ghostly noises from around there.  Barry Robbins who I am unable to contact had earlier alluded to the ‘Lady in Grey’   Can anybody add to this?

Page 12


Tracey Dooling (Thornton)

Atlanta USA  (01/10)

Tracey would like to visit more often but she enjoys looking at the site with affectionate memories.  Tracey was married at St Oswalds in 1988 and hails from the Embleton Estate.
Her great uncles, Danny and Major worked at Savile Pit.


Christine Bagshaw

Methley      (02/10)

Christine is a granddaughter Of John Willy Gawith who was an onsetter at Savile pit - see ‘August Hols’.   Have asked Christine for a photo of him.


Kim Nurse

Methley      (02/10)

Kim’s Granddad was Jimmy Gee chargeman on No.2 Panel longwall face at Savile pit.  See ‘Stay Down Strike’.   Jimmy is another one of the many who would have been aghast at the closure of the Bay Horse.


Lew Beever

Morley       (03/10)

Joining Leeds City Police took Lew away from Methley some thirty years ago - he hopes he hasn’t been forgotten after serving his ‘apprenticeship of life’ in the village which he describes as back to base camp.


Ian Beckett

Sydney Australia (06/10)

Ian reckons his antecedents were associated with this village in times past (17th cent.).  He likes the site.


Jon Smith

Barningham  N Yorks  (07/10)

Jon was looking for information relating to former rector Armstrong Hall re their village archive group.   Could only give him details from the headstone - may be enough.  


Helen Kay

Rothwell  (07/10)

Enquiring on behalf of the local newspaper, Helen wanted details to complete a photograph of Savile Pit from the air.  Easy Helen.


Marc Arscott


Researching a band called Peaches who recorded three BBC Radio One sessions for the late John Peel, broadcast in 1974 and 1976 one of the songs in their first session is Methley and includes the lyric 'We've tried everywhere but you can't beat Methley Working Mens club on a saturday night'  Can anybody let him know what happened to them?


Len Townsley

North Wales (08/10)

Len remembers well hitching a ride on the tractor with Rip Ripley.  He requested any photos of his grandmothers house (Mary E Bunn) at the back of Dunsford House. 


Allan Green

Easingwold (01/11)

Provided Allan with some pics of mining at the turn of the century.  With a bit of luck Allan will let us have a copy of his father’s recorded coal mining reminiscences from 1930’s


Richard Burnley

Garforth Leeds (01/11)

Unable to help Richard in locating Methley House - the
address of his antecedents the Burnleys who were the first owners of Methley Junction Colliery

Page 13


Peter Rickers

Perth Australia (04/11)

Peter’s father Derek emigrated to Australia in 1968 when the lad was eight.   He still has family in and around Methley


June Scally

Lancaster (04/11)

June writes to say that her father, Thomas Place worked at Methley Junction and other pits in the area serving 51 years in coal mining.  Her ggrandmother was born in Methley a child of William Townend and Ann Denison.


Jean Pearson (Ford)


Jean was pleased to see a picture of Methley United FC which included her Father.  She also queried a report re a visit by Queen Mary to Methley Hall claimed to have been in 1934.  Jean says that she saw the royal visitor whilst sitting on top of her father’s shoulders and that it must have been later than 1934.  (Sadly I have to report that Jean departed this mortal world shortly after this communication.)


Deborah Cordon

Ripon (08/11)

Debbie is looking for rented accom. in the village for herself and partner who requires outbuildings for his dry stonewalling hedgelaying business.  She wants to be nearer to her teaching post in Leeds.  


Mabel Mackman

Oulton (09/11)

Mabel has been filming aspects of Methley for her project with the Rawdon Movie Group.   She asked if the festival was an annual feature of the village.


Geoff Dunnill

Southport (11/11)

Geoff was kind enough to send some excellent photos of his antecedents at Methley Junction - he is working on his FH.


Michael Hayhurst

Ohio USA   (12/11)

Michael is researching his Wells family background and was asking for inf. and photos of the Welles resting place in St Oswalds - which he got a tad quicker than he may have expected.  Good luck with that Michael.


Mick Toole

Pontefract  (12/11)

Many thanks to Mick for providing much background information re. the POW artist and the nuns at St. Joseph’s Castleford.  Mick worked at Brit Coal at Allerton Bywater at the same time as me.  I never knew he was a former St. Joey’s pupil. Further to that our grandchildren are very big buddies - I’m pleased to say.


Margaret Gill

Fremantle ex Kippax (02/12)

Margaret is making enquiries about members of the Townend family.


Judy Scull

Cornwall   (02/12)

Judy is the holder of a number of letters and publications regarding Jane Vigor who was the wife of the Governor General to Russia in the early 18th cent.  Jane was the daughter of the Rev Goodwin, Rector of Methley. 
A picture of the plaque dedicated to her father in the church has been posted on.


Jules Caton


Jules is one of a team of ladies who are engaged on a project at the Riversmeet Cafe which it is planned will cement Yorkshire - Texas international relations. Here

Page 14


Kelly Cowley

Sheffield     (06/12)

Kelly and her family took on the Scarecrow Trail and requested a copy of their group photograph - duly supplied


Eric France

Wetherby   (08/12)

Eric left Methley (Low End) in 1956 after service in the army and has lived in Kent but mostly at different places in Yorkshire.  His mother was a singer in the clubs locally and has sung on the radio.  I was unable to tell him how Denison Square got landed with the name ‘Jingo Nick’.    Latest is, that there existed in the Indian sub-continent a disreputable jail known as Jingo.  It may be that a former soldier from service in India returned to the square and re-named it!


Ian Micklefield

Methley    (10/12)

Ian sent me a typed copy of his ggrandfather’s ‘diary’ notebook.   Much easier to read than the copies often reproduced on this site.  


Stuart and Pam Barrett

Scarcroft Leeds (10/12)

Pam had been enquiring of the whereabouts of former teacher Hubert Allen in order to make contact.   All she had to do was ask.   Met them both at the funeral of a good friend and as a result they are going to send me some snaps for the web site.  For your inf Bert Allen is well and considering a move back to this area -Nov 2012.


Evelyn Arnott

West Sussex

Evelyn is following up FH and found that her grandmother was born at Scholey Hill Farm, She was supplied with photos of the former site and now knows where it is with the aid of internet mapping. 


Brian Hetherington

Waltham Abbey
Essex       (01/13)

Brian has posted on a copy of his family tree (largely Methley) which will be passed on to the Archive Group.  He tells me that Jimmy (James William) Hetherington was involved in excavating a large lump of coal which went on display at the Wembley Exhibition (1925) and asks if anybody has details of that.


Ruth Stephens

Methley (01/13)

Met Ruth and partner taking wildlife snapshots along the river, she has sent some copies of her shots.


Ryan Springer

USA  (05/13)

Ryan made contact to further his knowledge on his forbears the de Methleys.  Passed on the small amount of gen that I have gathered.


Terry Taylor

Stoke on Trent (05/13)

Terry was hoping to get information on his old chum Barry Robbins.   He was sorry to learn that Barry was out of circulation


Gordon Dewell

Abu Dhabi (05/13)

Hope I’ve put him in the right direction.  Gordon is looking for access to St Oswald’s in order to place the resting place of an antecedent.


Stephen Foster

Methley (06/13)

Steve kindly produced a youtube compilation of Scarecrow 2013 for linking from the website.   Many thanks Steve.

 Page 15



RSPB St Aidan’s (06/13)

Julie sent a copy of the St Aidan’s site map which can be blown up on  this site.


David Havens

Bury Lancs (06/13)

David was searching for information re the Duke of Orleans who was held captive in Methley following the French defeat at Agincourt. I know he was held for quite some time and he would have attended Mass at St Oswalds during this time.


Lee Demuth

Pennsylvania (07/13)

Lee’s family name originates from Nr Hanover, retracing the line he finds that a member married into the Savile family and emigrated to New Zealand.  He states that the name occurred in Yorkshire in 1066!


Peter Greenall

Kettering   (10/13)

Peter has provided me with information about his uncle Wilfred Howson who sadly lost his life in the Great War.  This will be displayed on the Wartime page and will also be passed on to the Archive Group.  Peter was also able to contact Jean Bright (Family History page) re a link with Jean’s grandmother in Foxholes Terrace.


Geoff Lidster

Leeds  (12/13)

Geoff contacted me having read of the loss of Barry Robbins which now appears to be premature.  Geoff assures me that he and another old mate of Barry are going to Staffordshire to look him up in a nursing home. 


Michael Cousins

Castleford  (01/14)

Mike reports that his dad worked for Savile Transport and he had his daughter’s name painted on the front of his lorry as all the lorries had girls names painted on them long before Stobarts.  Mike asks if there are any photos of those trucks.


Sally Pashley


Sally’s GGrandfather’s brothers served in WW1 and she was able to obtain information re Albert Green on the Wartime  page enabling her to visit the Thiepval Memorial Cemetery in France.   She is passing on copies of cuttings re Alfred and his brother George. 

Page 16


David Cove

Oulton         (05/14)

The Woodland Trust have contacted David  for the name of a local expert on the woods behind Methley Park hospital that are in the path of the proposed HS2 route. Apparently if they are "ancient", it gives them a protected status. Do you know of anyone who knows the history of these woods?


Graham Feather

Gabarone  Botswana

Graham writes of his early memories of the village during wartime.


Mike Searle

Bournemouth (05/14)

Mike is arranging permission to visit and take photographs in St Oswalds.


Nick Monaghan

Castleford   (07/14)

I am a descendant of the Hutchinson Family of Methley,my 5X Great- Grandfather Joseph was a blacksmith in Coney Moor in 1818 the year my 4X Great-Grandfather Christopher was born, he was killed in a Colliery explosion in 1839,just one year after the birth of my 3X Great- Grandfather Thomas,I am also do descended from Edmund Broadhead of Methley,an agricultural labourer, through his daughter Naomi born 1828 and her son Joseph Broadhead Hinchcliffe who married Mary Ann Wilson, daughter of Thomas Wilson,Horse keeper of Methley,as well as being descended from the Powell Family headed by Edward Isaac of West Bromwich who lived in the Village,


Rob L Dean

Ontario   (11/14)

I just came across your website. I am currently holding a MOscar Kellet Medal fob watch chain decoration, a star made of silver with a gold circle in its centre. On the front, is engraved "Woodlesford 1877) and on the back is engraved "1st PRIZE 220 YDS FLAT RACE Won by O. KELLETT METHLEY". Oscar Kellett of Methley was my great grandfather. I have written accounts of all I have been able to find out about my Yorkshire ancestors for my adult children.


Les Chatterton

Guiseley  (12/14)

Les left the village as a youngster. He reports that flooding in their house in Hicks Lane (1947) helped bring  about the move away.


Ryan Shaw

Methley  (01/15)

Ryan wanted, and got, a few pics of of Main Street and the Bay Horse pub in its various states before it was knocked down.   Like me, he bemoans the loss of the pub. 


Alan Grange

Sierra Madre  USA

Formerly of Hartlepool, Alan sent me some pics of the locomotive Airedale No.2 which worked Primrose Hill and Bowers Row before being transferred after closure to Savile.


John Robinson

Wakefield  (02/15)

John’s father was police sergeant at Methley during the early 1950’s.  John remembers the village with affection and is one of the many people wanting to know the origin of the name Jingo Nick!    Can’t help him  -  can you?


Ann Winter

Barwick in Elmet (Yorks)   (04/15)

As secretary of the Barwick Historical Society, Ann asked if it was possible to arrange a visit and talk.  And so it came to pass, culminating in St Oswald’s Church.


Craig Bradley

Nelson (Lancs) (04/15)

Craig has had a set of dining chairs passed down to hiCh MHallm by a relative who claims they were a present from someone who worked at Methley Hall and that’s where they came from.

 Can’t authenticate that Craig - can anybody else?

Page 17


Paul Naylor

Wakefield   (04/15)

Paul asked if it was possible to access woodland at Moss Carr - I told him he could if he was a good boy!


Derek Cutts


Derek was seeking to take photos of the sculptures in the church.  I understand he was able to complete this during the May Open Week-end and intends to send a copy of some of his pics along with a suitable donation to the church


Melvyn Gray

Almondbury Huddersfield (06/15)

I spent my formative years in the village and each Summer I return to savour fond memories with my traditional pilgrimage. I would like to use your page to say hello to past contacts...A special ‘Hello’ to June Green and Elaine Williams who are always giving their valuable time to local causes and the needs of the community.


Chris Deuchar

Nottingham (06/15)

Having seen the link from the BBC article on mining at Savile pit.  Chris requested copies of the coal carrying barges and pans.  He can be found on the Historic Inland Working Boat website at


Andrew Finn

Stocksbridge Hants

Andy also came via the BBC link having seen a photo of his uncle Jim in the article.  I was able to send him electronic copies of photos of both his uncle Jim and his dad.


Trevor Milburn

Leeds    (09/15)   

 Came across Trevor whilst he was searching for graves of his antecedents.   He later sent me newspaper cuttings relating to the death of his GGGGGrandfather William Ramskill who died from cholera after spreading waste manure on farmland in the village.   Sadly his brave GGGGGrandmother contracted the same deadly disease whilst nursing her husband.


Charley Smith

Rothwell  (09/15)

Fixed Charley up with a few pics of the United Kingdom Inn where is father was a past landlord.   Charley’s brother Peter was one of the first correspondents to this website.  Charley also got some pics of Savile pit where he worked for a while.


Peter Methley


Peter has been an in depth contributor re this village for some time now - don’t know how I missed him from this page.


Julie Smith

Rothwell  (06/16)

Having followed the scarecrow trail 2016 Julie asked if she could have a copy of her photo taken on that day by a tall ginger headed fellow.  Duly posted.